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How much Caffeine does Coca-Cola have?

Coca - Cola contains 45.6 mgs per 12 ounce serving, and Diet Coke contains the same amount of caffeine. As a comparison, Jolt Cola has 100 mgs per 12 oz. Serving, and Pepsi has 37.2.


Is caffeine added to Coca-Cola or is it natural?

The Kola nut adds the caffeine to Coca - Col a . Caffeine naturally occurs in the Kola nut.

What is the taste difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

Standard colas are usually flavoured with an orange-lemon-lime behind the vanilla, coca and kola tastes. Coke is more orange-biased while Pepsi is more lemon-flavoured. Also, the sugar and carbonation is different, with Pepsi being sweeter and a little flatter.

Does Coca-Cola in plastic bottles/cans/at the fountain taste different?

The Coca-Cola Company make sure that all syrup made at various bottling plants around the world are made specifically the same.Theoretically, a Coke in Saudi Arabia would be just the same as a beverage in Texas. However, a few variables could change this.One of the first is the amount of carbonated water added to the mix.Any bottling plant-produced drink (cans, glass or plastic) would contain the same mixture. However, some soda fountains and other portable dispensers can have a different mix. Some fountains mix their Cokes much "heavier", with more syrup and less carbonation.Also, some fast food establishments will add too much ice or run out of syrup and not notice, giving the customer a brownish seltzer water. Also, carbonation can be altered over time in various containers.While a glass bottle holds the highest amount of pressure the longest,a once-opened plastic container quickly loses its fizz. Cans hold carbonation well, but the taste of drinking out of an aluminium container can change things. Another factor is the serving temperature. Coca-Cola should ideally be served at 40 degrees F, and fountains and some home refrigerators don't always match this .

Are glass bottles being phased out?

No according to aa Coca-Cola Company representative, there is no corporate policy to phase out the production of glass bottles.






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